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Mouth-Watering Flavours

The easy way to turn everyday meals into something special. With Aylmer Accents, the meal possibilities are endless. Try adding them to your chili, or thicken up your pasta sauce. Mix with fresh basil for easy bruschetta, or use as a base for salsa and dips.





Made with freshly picked premium tomatoes infused with an expert blend of just the right herbs, spices & vegetables, these are definitely not your average canned tomatoes.


































Try all 9 flavours and discover the endless possibilities for quick, easy and delicious meals using the great tasting flavour of Aylmer Accents. Making a delicious meal has never been so easy.




Delicious Recipes Using Accents

Our chefs have prepared a wide variety of delicious recipes featuring Aylmer Accents. No matter what you're in the mood for, we have the perfect healthy recipe for your family that is fast and easy to make.


Cracked Black Pepper & Roasted Garlic
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Chili Diced Cut
Aylmer Accents Chili Diced Cut is an expertly selected blend of onion, celery, sweet green peppers and chili spices.

More  »

Spicy Red Pepper
A medium-hot red pepper spice with onion, garlic and basil gives these tomatoes a little extra kick. Use in salsa, fajitas or to spice up any tomato recipe.   More  »

Original Chunky Cut
For a stew, soup or casserole you’ll want to use Aylmer Accents Original Chunky Tomatoes. The perfect chunky cut, and our reliable savoury mix of onion, celery and sweet green peppers.

More  »

Garlic & Olive Oil
Garlic & Olive Oil Petite Cut
When it comes to toppings for dishes like bruschetta and pizza, Aylmer Accents Garlic & Olive Oil Petite cut tomatoes are just the thing. The garlic, olive oil and tomato combination is hard to beat!

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Fire Roasted Diced Cut
Sometimes it just has to be smoky! Aylmer Accents Fire Roasted Diced cut tomatoes are expertly prepared over an open fire, giving you that fresh-from-the-grill flavour, in any recipe, from pasta sauce to salsa.

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Original Petite Cut
Tasty appetizers, sauces and dips all start with Aylmer Accents Original Petite Cut Tomatoes. Pre-cut for you, and just the right taste. Seasoned with an appetizing blend of onion, celery and sweet green peppers.

More  »

Italian Chunky Cut
Any favourite Italian recipe will benefit from Aylmer Accents Italian Chunky cut tomatoes, with a blend of onion, celery, green peppers, parsley and garlic found in classic Italian cooking. No Salt Added Also Available!

More  »

Whether for a quick appetizer for unexpected guests or a fast, easy meal before swim class, there will definitely be lots of compliments and no leftovers!

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Discover Aylmer Accents
All Aylmer tomatoes are delicious, but Aylmer Accents have that little something extra special. They're expertly seasoned with herbs, spices and vegetables. We do all the measuring so that you don't have to! Visit this page to learn more..










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